February 16th, 2017

Day 27, 28:

No One Gives A Better Press Conference, Believe Me.

I have a whole list of topics I’m working on, but this press conference was OUT. OF. CONTROL.

Why Isn’t It Normal?

The way the press is being treated–talked over, dismissed, valued based on their outlets ratings? Not normal.

The fact that 45 never answers a question, contradicts himself, and goes on record saying things he’s said the exact opposite of in the past? Normal for him, not normal for his position.

Vagueries, misdirections, more hyperbole than a high school essay? Not normal.

Still referencing the election, still harping on what his opponent allegedly did wrong, still focused on the mistakes of the prior administration? Not normal.

Relating to the press in various racist, xenophobic ways? Not SUPPOSED to be normal.

Objection, Your Honor, Leading the Witness

Please click on this link. Yes, it’s as bizarre as it looks. This is a poll for the American people to join 45 in his pity party re: his treatment by the mainstream media, filled with leading questions and half-truths. I filled out most of the questions with the answer “objection, you honor, leading the witness” and/or “Are you joking?”

Why Isn’t It Normal?

This poll is a bizarro look at what 45 wants us to believe about his relationship with the press. It is not, however, a realistic look at the situation. And yes, it’s leading as HELL. Anyone who still supports 45, wholesale, is going to read these questions and go “yes, of COURSE the media is treating him unfairly, that’s how they’ve ALWAYS been.” Anyone who does not will either skip the poll entirely, or do what I did. The poll results will only add to his truly outrageous obsession with his image in the press. The results are being manipulated by the wording of the questions.

There’s a reason leading questions are not allowed in a court of law. This is the reason.



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