February 13th, 2017

Day 23, 24, 25: It’s been a long weekend.

-Over the weekend, North Korea tested a missile launch. They aimed their ballistic missile at the sea of Japan while Japan’s Prime Minister was golfing with 45 in Florida. PM was obviously displeased, but 45 has been uncharacteristically silent on the matter since his press release.

Why Isn’t it Normal?

  • Many news outlets believe the “test” was strategic, planned for a time when Japan was visiting the US to show strength to both nations. Some speculate that the test was a direct challenge to 45 himself, due to the harsh policies he proposed against North Korea during his campaign.
  • 45 threw his (and America’s) weight behind Japan as a nation, both in their condemnation of North Korea’s actions, and continuing as allies in general. This is in direct opposition to 45’s comments on Japan during his campaign, which were regularly negative, disparaging, and occasionally threatening.

-National Security Adviser M. Flynn (Rider) resigned today. Rider already had a reputation for keeping illegal connections with Russian officials, and was caught lying to several members of the Administration about these relationships. 45 knew about these issues and planned to take a few days before making a decision re: Rider’s employment. Instead, Rider turned in his resignation after only 24 days on the job.

Why Isn’t it Normal?

  • Rider’s tenure is by far the shortest for a national security adviser since the position was created in the 1940s, and among the briefest for any senior West Wing staffer (LA Times).
  • The connections between Rider and Russia only add to the confusion and speculation regarding 45’s connection to the nation as well as President Put-in. 45 has fluctuated from insisting he has never met the man to speaking fondly of his strengths.

-The Department of Education misspelled W.E.B. Du Bois’ name, then made a spelling error in their apology tweet for the mistake.

Why Isn’t it Normal?

  • Unfortunately, this February has become rife with disrespect for the African American community, in both large and small ways. Du Bois was a sociologist, author, activist, and editor, who died at age 95 in 1963.
  • Whoever is running the Department of Education twitter definitely has google, and chose not to use it to spell-check their post. They didn’t address the error for almost four hours after it was initially made.



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