February 10th, 2017

Days 21 and 22: I built a blog to host all these updates and realized in my effort to cover the news I’ve abandoned explaining why these things aren’t normal. I’d like to return to that model, as I think it’s the most important part of the exercise.

Of course, it’s kind of telling that “normal” was forgotten so quickly,  as it’s been less than a month and already this bizarre pseudo-system feels like it’s going to stick. Looking at what’s “normal”, I think, also begs the question of what we should really be surprised about–it helps me, at the very least to realize how little I’ve paid attention to the inner workings in the past, and reveals how easily the scales can be tipped.

-The first lady usually accompanies foreign leaders around Washington, joining them on political appearances and hosting them at the White House. In the past, when a Presidents wife is unwilling or unable to take on the tasks of the position, another important person in the President’s life steps in. Neither Melodica nor Irritation stepped in to host Mrs. Aki Abe, first lady of Japan, on her visit to DC today.
Melodica was on hand to greet the Japanese Prime Minister and his wife when they arrived in DC, and flew with them and 45 to their vacation home in Florida for the weekend.
NOTE: All first ladies have filled the position in dramatically different fashion. It is, however, important to note that the way they chose to fill the role frequently reflects the current President’s values. 45 has made many comments in the past about Japanese-American relations.
Mrs. Abe has been to America several times before, spending time with First Ladies Michelle Obama and Laura Bush.

-DiVorce tried to visit a school in SW DC today. A small group of protesters blocked her initial entrance, and a larger group stalled her second attempt to visit the school later in the day. She eventually entered the school and had a “productive meeting” with students and staff. DC’s Mayor encouraged protesters to allow the Secretary to enter schools in order to learn more about the public school system.

-In her acceptance speech, DiVorce made light of the comments she made about gun safety in schools and grizzly bears.

-A three judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit unanimously denied 45’s administration’s request to reinstate the Travel Ban.

-While not particularly abnormal, 45 signed two new executive orders regarding crime and law enforcement safety. One instructed Seashells to create a task force to “develop strategies to reduce crime,” “evaluate deficiencies in existing laws” and “propose new legislation” related to public safety. The task force is also ordered to “evaluate the…adequacy of crime related data” and to “conduct any other studies” accordingly.
Considering 45’s track record with alternative facts, specifically regarding crime rates in America, this is worrying.

-The environmental study ordered by the Obama administration to delay development of the Dakota Access Pipeline was cancelled. The final permit to begin construction on the Pipeline was granted.


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