February 9th, 2017

Day 20:
(how has it only been 20 days it feels like forever)
-Senator Elizabeth Warren was blocked from reading a letter that Coretta Scott King, wife to famous activist, preacher, and all around good guy* Martin Luther King Jr., wrote to criticize Senator Sessions’ record on civil rights in 1986. Warren was silenced and Republican Senators voted not to let her speak on the floor again until Sessions’ nomination to Attorney General is complete. After leaving the floor, Sen. Warren took to facebook live to read the full text of Mrs. King’s letter. The video has been viewed over 7 million times. EDIT: Thanks to Sam for the update: Not only was Warren silenced and censured but then her male colleagues were allowed to read the letter without being stopped.
*I’ve said before that I will try not to editorialize the news, but if we’re really at a place where MLK jr’s legacy is up for debate, ESPECIALLY during Black History month….then there really is no turning back from the evil darkness befalling our nation.
-Oh, more on this whole letter banning thing–it was accepted as admissible evidence to the nomination process. So the Senate agreed it was okay to consider, but not okay to say out loud. I’m just…
-Every day something more blatently totalitarian and gross happens in government and the folks trying to speak for the actual citizens of this country are stopped and it’s just not cool, okay.
-I’m really displeased that the adults literally running our nation right now are acting like petulant children instead of caring a whit about the actual humans in this country. Oh, speaking of…
-Tourniquet tweeted that Nordstrom is treating his daughter unfairly. Nordstrom’s stocks then spiked. (EDIT: thanks to Sam for this info also: The stock went down, then went back up like normal. The bigger issue being the official POTUS account retweeted it. Which means tax dollars going towards supporting his business interests.)
– Flint Michigan still doesn’t have clean water.


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