February 7th, 2017

Day 18: 45 threatened to de-fund the entire state of California, due to their proposal to create a “sanctuary state” for all undocumented immigrants. This was actually one of his campaign promises, as part of his 10-step plan to fix our immigration “problem”. Unpacking this one is difficult, because “sanctuary city” is not a legal term, and gets applied liberally to any city taking steps to separate local law enforcement from immigration services. The idea of a sanctuary city was born in the 80s when religious institutions started providing refuge for immigrants from Guatemala and El Salvador. Many of the immigrants fled civil unrest but were denied sanctuary largely due to Cold War Politics. Since then sanctuary cities and even counties have developed all over the country. Depending on your source the total number can be anywhere from 30-40 cities and 200-400 counties. “Sanctuary Cities” became a hot button topic in 2015 when an illegal immigrant shot a woman dead on a San Francisco pier. He had previously been deported five times, and opponents to sanctuary cities claim that if he’d been handed over to Immigration services, the woman he murdered would still be alive today. Pres claims that California attempting to become a full sanctuary state means they are out of control, and claimed he won the vote CA. (False). California officials are fighting back by arguing that they represent their constituents accurately and fairly.
-Turnip took to Twitter recently for two separate attacks on the American media, claiming there is a widespread conspiracy to cover up or neglect reporting terrorist attacks on American soil, and claiming that every outlet reporting his approval rating dropping is making it up.
-During a protest in New Haven that blocked off a major highway, a “critically ill” man in an ambulance had an “emergency procedure” done. According to some EMTs online, “emergency procedure” could mean a wide variety of things, some as minor as applying an IV. New Haven residents also pointed out that the ambulance was stopped by protesters just two blocks from Yale Medical Center, and the police should have rerouted the ambulance. Still more details that muddy the water include that the protest was dispersing by the time the ambulance was reported as blocked, and the man who organized the protest fled the scene after physically attacking law enforcement officials. Anyone with more details please let me know.
-Neiman Marcus joined Nordstrom in dropping Trumpet product lines.

Note: I’m misspelling officials names on purpose. Honestly I talk so much about politics that it probably won’t make a difference if Facebook algorithms go over my posts, but I’d rather not take my chances. Besos!


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