February 6th, 2017

Day 17:
-Celebrities and figureheads all over the country are matching and/or donating to humanitarian causes. The weekend that the EO re: immigration was signed, the ACLU raised 6x what they normally make annually.
-The “Rogue POTUS staff” twitter (unverified–may not be real) tweeted 45 dictating a dress code for women ONLY on the White House staff. The tweet alleges that he wants women to dress more feminine and no longer allows them to wear pants. #dresslikeawoman began trending on twitter with photos of professional women in everything from scrubs to military fatigues to astronaut suits. The original tweet has yet to be verified (please point me in the right direction if you have any additional info)
-Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water.
-The administration is working on legislation that will gut the Environmental Protection Agency in favor of drilling and dumping on previously protected grounds with state minimum regulations. The EPA was created when bodies of water in Love Canal, NY were literally catching fire from toxic waste in the water.
-Still nothing on the White House site re: LGBTQ, though a Press Release from the administration asserts that the President does and will continue to support the community, specifically upholding President Obama’s EO essentially enforcing equitable employment.
-An elderly woman and a baby both passed away last week while detained at airports. Both were coming to America for life-saving operations. EDIT: The baby was granted entrance to the country for her life-saving surgery as of 2/4/17. She did NOT die. I apologize for the error.

It’s getting harder to write these without using inflammatory language. Some of the things reported are so outrageous that it’s very difficult to understand the stories from multiple points of view. Google was down today for about 30 seconds and I honestly thought we were entering an internet shutdown situation.
That being said, the work coming from concerned citizens, from layman and professionals alike, is incredible. Thank you to those of you who’ve left encouraging words here on my page. Please let me know if you’ve got things you want to hear more about, or if you have a good source for more info. None of us can do this alone.


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