February 2nd, 2017

Day 14:
-Apparently we’re fighting with Australia now. I know that’s not very specific or well researched but listen–this is out of control. Just look up the calls from today.
-The Press Secretary followed up 45’s anachronistic comments about Frederick Douglass by making more vague comments about Douglass, raising suspicion that neither man knows who Douglass is, or what contributions he made while he was alive.
-hate crimes against Korean and other Asian men and women are on the rise in Los Angeles specifically. Physically violent hate crimes.
-45 tweeted out a threat to defund UC Berkeley because of the violent protests after Mi*o Yian*opoulos was scheduled to speak there. The protesters were not students.
-There is a video circulating of 45 yelling at a journalist for Univision, and having him removed (physically, by a security guard) from a press conference. Important to note: this video is from August 2015 and was released at the time. It’s not new. We already knew this is how he treats press.

This is not normal.


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