February 1st, 2017

Days 12 and 13 together:
-45’s Black History Month statement was disrespectful, vague and self-centered. He referred to Frederick Douglass in the present tense, then defended himself against journalists who accused him of removing the MLK bust from the White House (Retracted within 24 hours)
-Betsy DeVos is losing support, likely thanks to active citizens calling in to their local representatives and expressing their beliefs. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Don’t call reps offices in other states. We’re blocking the phones for residents, whose comments and concerns hold much more weight.
-I shared a story about this but I think it’s important to remember: The woman whose claims got 14 year old African-American Emmett Till murdered in 1955 ‘revised’ her story. She admitted that she made up his flirting. That woman is now 82 years old, and long past the statute of limitations on her testimony. She admitted this in 2007 during an interview for a book recently released, titled “The Blood of Emmett Till”.
-There have been several ads on Twitter in the past week or so trying to improve the reputation of the Vice President and Senator Sessions. There were also weird commercials in Texas encouraging Trump supporters to come out and defend their president against criticism. Against other American citizens.

That’s not normal.


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