January 30th, 2017

Day 11:
-Over the weekend, 45 removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence from the National Security Council, replacing them with his Chief Strategist.
This was a tough one for me to post because I didn’t fully understand it and it took a lot of reading and asking questions of friends to boil it down, but here’s the normal/not normal break down:
Restructuring the NSC is normal and expected.
Removing roles and adding new ones is also semi-normal, from what I understand.
What is NOT normal, and in fact unprecedented, is inviting a highly politicized member of staff into Principals Meetings. What is even LESS normal is giving this opportunity to someone with no experience in the fields on which he is now required to offer advice to the president.
-After their refusal to blindly enact Friday’s immigration EO, both acting Attorney General and acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement were immediately fired and replaced.
-hate crimes continue against the Muslim community: a Mosque in Texas was burned down Friday, and the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center was attacked by a white man on Sunday night. Both attacks are currently under investigation, though Canadian officials are currently considering the crime in Quebec an act of terrorism.

This is not normal.


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