January 29th, 2017

Day Ten:
-International journalists are, in some cases, still referring to 45 as “Mr.” and a “billionaire businessman”, not “President”.
-The White House has doubled down on 45’s statements about the Holocaust, arguing that “we took into account all of those who suffered”. Jewish Republicans are now divided re: their support of the President.
-The GOP wants to eradicate the Endangered Species act, which on its own IS normal, but these days is just another example of our administration putting profits over protection of the environment. Many attempts to shut down the act in the past have been blocked by SCIENTISTS.
-Americans all over the country spontaneously gathered at airports in many major cities last night to help support and represent those affected by the Muslim Ban. Lawyers gathered and worked pro bono from airport restaurants. The ACLU passed a temporary stay less than 24 hours after the President signed the order into existence.
This is not normal:D


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