January 26th, 2017

Day seven was yesterday and I’m already tired of this but I’ll be damned if their incompetence gets the better of me.

-Shia LaBeouf was arrested for verbally defending himself when a man visited his public art installation, approached him as if he were a fan, and held him close while spouting Nazi propaganda. LaBeouf got REASONABLY upset, pushed the guy away from him, and started yelling. No other arrests were made. (Yes, of COURSE we have the right to free speech in America. And yes, I know that LaBeouf has been assaulted/attacked in the past when he makes himself available to the public. IT’S STILL MESSED UP and we shouldn’t be normalizing actual genocide threats.)

-Scientists are going rogue on Twitter to avoid the Pres’ social media gag rule on…science facts. Nat’l parks, NASA, the FDA and others have set up alt twitter feeds from inside their institutions. Some are verified, others are not, but none have resorted to sensationalist tactics. Several accounts have popped up claiming to be POTUS staffers–one was shut down already.

-The White House phone line has been shut down. Many Republican reps are purposefully leaving their phone mailboxes full so that we cannot leave new messages, and staffers are not answering the phones (yes, I have personally tried calling multiple times over several days).

Nazi propaganda is not normal. Feeling like I have to even SAY THAT is not normal.
Blocking the American people from contacting their representatives is not normal.
Government scientists setting up a twitter network that feels like Potterwatch in Deathly Hallows is not normal.


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